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Cover art for Son of Mary, Book 1 in the Crown of Thorns series.

Randy’s Latest Novel

My latest novel, Son of Mary, Book 1 in the Crown of Thorns series, is now available in paperback on Amazon and also as an e-book on Amazon. This is a novel about Jesus of Nazareth, and if you liked my City of God series, I think you’ll love Son of Mary because it shows you the Jesus you always knew in a whole new way.

What’s Son of Mary about? Best to let Jesus tell you in his own words:


Nazareth has been cruel to my mother, more cruel than any village ever was.

All the village says that my blood father is not the man who married my mother.

They have shamed her on the matter all my life.

Every woman asks which man of the village is my blood father.

Every man scowls and says he was not the one my mother seduced.

My mother will not tell who is my blood father.

My mother will not speak on the matter.

My mother bears her shame in silence.

Some righteous man, a prophet, said a word over me when I was a babe in arms. He told how I will redeem Israel when I grow to be a man.

Now I have grown to be a man, but I do not know how to redeem Israel. The scriptures do not explain the matter.

My people say that the man who redeems Israel must take up the sword and throw off our enemy, Rome, which we call the Great Satan.

My family says I must take up the sword.

Only I am no man of the sword. I wish with all my heart to redeem Israel, but HaShem, the God of our fathers, must tell me how.

Lately, there came a new prophet to Israel, who immerses for repentance at the river Jordan.

I went to ask the prophet how I should redeem Israel.

He said I am to smite the four Powers.

I asked what are the four Powers.

He could not say, but he said HaShem will reveal the matter to me.

I wish HaShem will reveal the matter, only I am not a prophet. Not yet.

But I will be.

Here is what I know. Every hour of every day, I feel the Presence of HaShem.

I do not know why I should feel the Presence always. My mother does not. My village does not. Even the prophet of HaShem does not.

I think the Presence will teach me the way to redeem Israel.

But I am afraid to redeem Israel.

To redeem Israel is to leave my mother to the scorn of the village.

The rage of the village.

My mother begs and cries on me to make a justice for her.

To make a justice on the village.

I do not know how to make a justice on the village.

I do not know how to redeem Israel.

But HaShem will show me the way.

I will learn how to be a prophet of HaShem.

I will learn how to redeem Israel.

I will learn how to make a justice for my mother.

I will smite the first Power.

Or I will die in the trying.

Randy’s City of God Books

Cover of the novel Transgression, by Randy Ingermanson.
Cover of the novel Premonition, by Randy Ingermanson.
Cover of the novel Retribution, by Randy Ingermanson.

Books Randy is Working on Right Now

I’m currently putting all my effort into the new series Crown of Thorns, a four-novel series on the life, death, and resurrection of Yeshua of Nazareth. Here’s where each book in the series stands:

Son of David (Crown of Thorns, Book 2)
Phase:First Draft
A photo of Randy Ingermanson.

About Randy Ingermanson

When Randy was a kid, he wanted to be:

  • A garbageman (in kindergarten)
  • An archaeologist (in seventh grade)
  • A historian (in tenth grade)
  • A novelist (in eleventh grade) 
  • A physicist (in twelfth grade)

During all that time, he never heard that philosphy even existed. If he had, he’d have wanted to be a philosopher, because they ask the best questions.

But Randy suffered through many thousands of boring sermons, and he often wished theologians would learn to talk like normal people.

So it kind of makes sense that he got his PhD in physics and then went on to become a novelist who writes about science, history, philosophy, archaeology, and religion.

These days, Randy wants to be “the Tom Clancy of first-century Jerusalem.”

He is still trying to figure out the part about being a garbageman.


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