Randy Ingermanson, Novelist

I will take you on an adventure

to ancient Jerusalem…

Randy’s Most Popular Books

Cover of the novel Transgression, by Randy Ingermanson.
Cover of the novel Premonition, by Randy Ingermanson.
Cover of the novel Retribution, by Randy Ingermanson.

Books Randy is Working on Right Now

I’m currently putting all my effort into the new series Crown of Thorns, a four-novel series on the life, death, and resurrection of Yeshua of Nazareth. Here’s where each book in the series stands:

Son of Mary (Crown of Thorns, Book 1)
Son of David (Crown of Thorns, Book 2)
Phase:First Draft
Due:12 months

A photo of Randy Ingermanson.

About Randy Ingermanson

When Randy was a kid, he wanted to be:

  • A garbageman (in kindergarten)
  • An archaeologist (in seventh grade)
  • A historian (in tenth grade)
  • A novelist (in eleventh grade) 
  • A physicist (in twelfth grade)

During all that time, he never heard that philosphy even existed. If he had, he’d have wanted to be a philosopher, because they ask the best questions.

But Randy suffered through many thousands of boring sermons, and he often wished theologians would learn to talk like normal people.

So it kind of makes sense that he got his PhD in physics and then went on to become a novelist who writes about science, history, philosophy, archaeology, and religion.

These days, Randy wants to be “the Tom Clancy of first-century Jerusalem.”

He is still trying to figure out the part about being a garbageman.

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